Artisan Assembly - the toolhead bracket screws are WAY too long?!

I’m mid-way though the Artisan assembly process and have run into an issue. The instructions call for 4x of the M5 x16 screws to mount the toolhead bracket on the X-Axis linear slider (see image below).

When I screw these 4 in all the way, they push 1-2 mm into the X-Axis slider’s exterior, so the toolhead can’t move along the belt at all (and the screws left dents).

What am I missing here? Why does this call for the size 16 M5 screws, and not the size 12? Even without tightening the screws, they’re so long they still stop the toolhead from moving along the belt at all.


Hello, no issue for me.
9 mm for the slider and 8 mm for the bracket. Total 17 mm for 16 mm screw.

I had the same issue. Snapmaker support emailed me with: “Other users have found that there will be problems when adding m5x16 screws. It is OK to use M5x12 screws”. I swapped to the M5x12 and all is good.

Had same problem now I have some dents in x axis from screws