Artisan 3 in 1 venting

Does the Artisan 3 in 1 with ensure need to be vented outdoors if you have the air purifier?
Suggested? Mandatory? Not required?
I think if it IS needed, it’s only for laser work correct? I’m hoping having the air purifier means I can get away with no need vent outside.
I can’t seem to find a definitive answer.
I’m about to purchase this unit and I would like to know if I need to be making holes in my wall once it arrives!
Thank you

If you look on the shop page, you can see a graph that shows how efficient the device is. It is not able to filter out everything. If it is good enough, depends I guess on your personal opinion. What amounts of VOC or Partciles do you find acceptable? And: If it comes to chemicals, active coal will get most, but not all substances, so in very special situations if may even be that the Purifier does not do anything at all (but I could give no example and this might be very theoretical). And that’s why you do not find a definite answer: If it’s good enough depends on several factors.

My personal opinion (take it with a grain of salt!): If you can vent outside, do! If you can’t, a HEPA/Charcoal filter (like the Purifier) is state-of-the art as far as I understand it, so it should be a good choice. If you laser only once in a while, I’d also not be too concerned, only if you do it regularly or as a business I’d perhaps invest more research on the best possible solution.

Finally: Be aware that there are materials that can damage your machine (PVC e.g., basically anything that contains chlorine or other halogenides) before the filter even comes into play. You’ll find lists on the internet. And: If you open the enclosure, you’ll certainly get a decent whiff of the fumes anyhow… Perhaps open the window for a while after laser jobs.

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If you can reasonably place it where you can easily vent it outside, you’ll be better off both financially (no need for the purifier) and with regards to personal health. I have my Artisan table backed up to a window; I open the window and route the hose through the opening when I need to. I bought a vent and mounted it in a thin board to lodge in the window so that the fumes don’t leak back inside.

Thanks for the reply. So am I understanding from your response that if I DO use the purifier then I do not need to vent outside? I ask because the location I want to place this equipment is in my basement and access to a window is not easily obtained. I would rather pay for the purifier and not have to vent if that is a viable and safe solution. If I am required to vent regardless than obviously I will save money and pass on the purifier.

That air purifier ain’t good enough to do it without ventilation unless you like cancer. I would say if you’re printing and burning you would be better off buying a high end HEPA (which the SM AF is not) and a bag of crushed charcoal and print your own enclosure for the filters and save yourself like $300. The filter they’re trying to sell is large and open so it seems like it lasts super long but it’s a POS.