Anyone used F-Engrave?

Anyone tried using F-Engrave:

Seems like it would be a great solution for doing inlays. I just can’t seem to get it to work properly with my A350. I can export the g-code and then after changing the file type to .cnc I can load it into Luban or load it from a drive. But I can’t seem to get it working properly. I managed to edit the starting g-code to get it to run. But then it runs way too fast and instead of carving patterns smoothly it’s constantly going up and down on the z-axis - retracting to it’s safe height when it doesn’t need to.


Im running a 4 letter project developed using F-Engrave right now. I’m impressed so far, you do have to manage the front end gcode
When doing a Jog to start position, add F3000(mm/min) to the end of the X Y move line
for vertical moves Y add F30 to the end of the Z move line or whatever vertical speed you like
Then go to the first cut line and add F120 (3 mm/min) the remaining cut speeds should keep the setting
these are my numbers on a pine practice board. you will have to experiment with the speed settings
Good Luck

Have you managed to resolve this yourself yet, SDJ?

I’d found that there’s a speed command right near the beginning of the file that specifies speed. Mine reads F40.0, and removing the “.0” fixes it.

Unfortunately, Luban 4.4 doesn’t appear to allow me to import the G-code anywhere but in the workspace anymore, so not quite sure what’s up with that.