Any upgrades I should do?

So I just bought a 2.0 and it is on its way, are there any upgrades I should do? I saw that people are getting an upgraded 3D module, is mine already coming with it or do I need to get one? If so how do I purchase it? Are there any other upgrades I should do like cooling?

Yeah, I had the same question but I already got my printer. I also heard that there may be a new linear module coming out. I was wondering if maybe someone knows if these upgraded parts will be sold separately in the future?

They will be, apparently existing sm2 owners will be able to purchase the new linear modules at half price



Snapmaker 2.0 owners will get a 50% discount on printing module and new linear modules. Those items will be in our online store in early June.


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It was for this reason I held off getting spare parts. I didn’t know about the 50% off for current owners, that’s a very welcome surprise! As far as the printing module goes, Mine came with the new one and I haven’t had a single issue with it yet (knock on wood)

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I’m planning on getting a Snapmaker 2.0 in the near future. If I order mine after June, will it come with the new linear module and print head already or would I still have to buy the upgraded parts separately?

It’s possible that it could come with it if you order even a little before. I ordered mine in February and it came with the new printing module.

@Edwin might know but He might even be in the dark on that.


If you order the machine in June, or late June, the machine will come with linear module with the TMC2209 driver chip.

Newly-designed 3D printing module has been released in December 2020.