Right time to buy?

Hi everyone, I’ve had my eye on a Snapmaker 2.0 for months now but with my tax refund in my bank account, I’ve got a little extra fun money and the time seems almost right to pull the trigger. I hesitate only because it sounds like there are some great upgrades right around the corner such as the “linear module improvement” that will make this beast run a little more quietly as well as the “power supply noise optimization” which sounds like it will include a new fan.

Since I’ve got no experience with a Snapmaker at all, I wanted to see whether there’s any consensus for whether these advancements will be game changing and whether they would be included with the purchase of a new machine, once released (like a Snapmaker 2.1?) or whether they’re most likely to only be available as stand alone add-ons like the rotary tool or emergency stop. Thanks!

Where are you planning on putting the machine and what are you planning on doing with it?

If it’ll be in a basement or otherwise not where you’ll hear it the quiet linear modules won’t really matter all that much in my opinion.

If you’re planning on mostly CNC’ing, it definitely won’t matter.

To add on to Brent’s reply, the changes seem to be small finishing touch kinds of improvements, such as a more optimized airflow path in the nozzle for cooling or quieter linear rails, which aren’t super super loud in the first place, at least that has been my experience.

I believe these upgrades will ship with the SnapMaker when released, but will also most likely be sold separately as well. When they ship the new components with the machine is up for discussion, as the new printing module is done but not always shipped when people need replacements and I don’t think the linear rails are quite finished yet.

Staff such as @Edwin would have a better idea of the later information. I for one am happy with my A350, though it has some quirks, if you are one for tinkering it is a lovely machine!

Thanks for the feedback. To answer your question, I was planning on keeping it in the room which has become my home office since the pandemic started and since my company plans on having me work remote full time going forward, I’d be sharing the space with the machine quite a bit. That’s why the quieter the better for me.

At present, while I’d use all of the features to some degree, I think it would primarily serve as a 3D printer. I understand your point about the CNC process.

In that case, I think waiting for the upgraded linear modules would be smart.

I would only be comfortable with confirmation in writing, a warranty if you will, that the machine you purchase will have the upgraded modules.

Snapmaker seems to send out old stock for warranty claims (my replacement bed, for example, was the old design even after people were receiving machines with an upgraded new design) - but I don’t know if they would do that on a new order.

Personally the noise doesn’t doesn’t bother me, been around loud computers since I was little. Might be why I have tinnitus in my left ear though lol. To others if the noise bothers you, put it in a room or area that’s away from where you will be most of the time, if you’re able to that is.