Laser engraving on anodized aluminum

Will the laser engrave on anodized aluminum?

Probably not by itself. Possibly with a marking spray like Cermark or dry moly lube spray.
Have to try it.

Has anybody tried this yet?

i dont think a 1.6W laser is strong enough to ENGRAVE aluminum… with a marking material you might be able to discolor it to show an image. to my knowledge no one has tried yet.

I have tried it with Marking spray and no it doesn’t work. Laser is not strong enough

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I assume anodized Aluminium is still reflective? Wouldnt it be bad if the material reflects most of the laserpower back into the laserdiode? I have been afraid trying this because i am not sure if i might damage the laserdiode in the module. If anyone has any experience in this regard i would be eager to know if my fear is legitimate.

I don’t think 1.6w is enough to have an effect on aluminum… and you are correct, the liquid aluminum is extremely reflective and can cause the laser to reflect at all sorts of things you don’t want it to.