An idea for when you lose your wallet

I laser engraved my name and a QR code inside my wallet for when (and if) I lose it :smiley:

Once scanned it has all my social media and email contacts.

The first line it was my first time engraving with the 1600mW - I set it to 40% and it ended up burning too much and the small text became unreadable. For the QR code I set the laser power to 15% and it was much more accurate.

The QR code scans perfectly :slight_smile:


Good idea, but i can’t still scan success through your picture/

You can’t, you’d have to have the pic in more detail… But it’s working when I scan the wallet :slight_smile:

I did a similar thing for a friend a leather belt with a story in qr-codes. Music, photo’s, sites…