Laser Engraving Question

Hello everyone. After some time using only the 3D printing module I’ve now started laser engraving (although not yet tried laser cutting).
I have the 1600w module and have been following the snapmaker laser guide for different materials and the relevant settings.
I’ve had some success engraving on different woods but funnily enough I can’t seem to get it working on card stock.
I’ve tried recently a vector image (a building outline only) using 40% and then 60% power with work and jog speeds set to 2000 as recommended. The result is the faintest outline on the white paper card. Almost invisible.
Would anyone have a suggesting for engraving on plain white card?
Thanks so much

I’d experiment with a lower work speed than that.

So it seems to get a nice clean line (circle and a square) on coloured or white card I need the following
Jog Speed: 2000
Work Speed: 500
Laser Power: 60%
I might experiment with increasing the work speed and laser power a little bit but using 1000 work speed and 85% laser returned a very choppy image.
I’ll update with some more settings later :+1:

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