NO to Facebook, YES to Forum


So, I would just like to say I really like the snapmaker. I’ve made several dozens of prints since I received it. I’ve been happy with the forum here, even though it’s not super active. Lately, I’ve become concerned things are happening on the facebook, but not over here on the main site. I have 0 interest in joining facebook. It’s NOT going to happen. Please, please, PLEASE, make sure that any news that comes out ALSO gets posted in the official news section here on your actual forum.



+1 on saying NO to Facebook.

Not doing it.

And I’m also with you on getting news on this forum about Snapmaker 2.

I’m ready to spring for it now…but there doesn’t seem to be any news about when it will become available.



I totally agree. The forum is a much better place for discussion. Facebook is to too spread out. I talked about doing a Wiki page here linked to Facebook which would help bridge the two and perhaps bring some Facebook people to the forum. There seems to be a certain kind of people that just click better with Facebook and don’t want to take the time to learn the mechanics of the forum. I suggested a portal of some kind here in the Forum which creates a dynamic link to Facebook. Don’t know how hard that would be to do. This forum software (Discourse) is very flexible and expandable, maybe it already exists. The forum has been a LOT more active in the past and I think it will wake up more when the SnapMaker II Kickstarter is going.

SnapMaker absolutely needs to support both equally. @whimsycwd, @Rainie, @Jade, please take note.
I do understand that they have a lot on their proverbial plate.


+1 to have all snapmaker 2 news also posted here in the forum or in the dynamic bridge suggested by Tone


I agree also. Facebook should NOT be the main communication method. All important news should come through Snamaker’s website and forum. If linking is possible that’s fine but the forum only users should not be left out of loop because they don’t want to use an external service.


On Facebook you have to scroll through 20 postings a day about little problems that are already solved here in the forum for a long time.
But I think this is the problem of the picture and video focused society.
They don’t want to read anymore…


I’ve got a Facebook account, but rarely use it - maybe a couple of times a year.
I definitely prefer specific forums.