Any alternative to Facebook?

Are there any plans to move off of Facebook as the official portal for snapmaker ? That or a way to access it without having a FB account?

Its similar to using qq instead of wechat in some respects. Not a great example, but close enough to convey my perspective.

Yes, I’m aware of the reddit sub and various other locations that are not official.


This forum is the only official, snapmaker owned social platform.

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They already have an official portal other than Facebook: this forum.

There are numerous Facebook groups that are official and controlled by Snapmaker employed personnel, not just this forum.

I personally am on Facebook, but I’m really tired of it: Information you once read is difficult to find again, and all the clutter around the groups is distracting and not helpful. As a knowledge base this forum is much better IMHO. I’m here frequently, receiving info and advice, and trying to give the same myself as much as I can.


with all due respect, you did not read what I said.

I’m with you, Facebook sucks as a platform to share and retain knowledge.

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I did. Snapmaker controls the official Facebook groups and this forum. If you are referring to “ownership” of the platform, they technically don’t own this forum either since it is hosted by a server and developers outside of Snapmaker.

interesting view of “ownership”.