All three Luban printing profiles not default under both L/R extruders

I made the switch to Luban as it seems to provide better quality prints over Cura with a few small test prints thus far. This program is a bit confusing and overly complicated. The first issue I seem to be having is under left extruder I have normal, fast, and smooth profiles available. Under the right extruder I only have normal. I exported the smooth profile, clicked “add profile”, import, and then open while under the right extruder print settings and nothing happens. The profile is not added. How can I fix this? Why aren’t all three of the default profiles assigned to both extruders when Luban is installed? Am I missing something? Thanks!

So I realized that after changing the nozzle diameter under machine settings the fast and smooth profiles are lost. I have different sized nozzles currently installed (0.3). If I leave the default 0.4 size under machine settings do I need to alter any specific settings in the profiles?