Air assist for Snapmaker 2.0 10W laser

You are absolutely right. I have to clean the inside of the 10W laser toolhead every week.

I created an air assist nozzle which works pretty good on the material but the dust inside the toolhead remains.

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I had to modify that air assist nozzle, as it blocks the height sensor laser. But then I ended up designing my own nozzle with 3 jets as that one just blew air in a single direction and left smearing on the cuts. All the proper assists like x-tool blow air directly down parallel to the laser beam.

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Is the barrel on the 10W removable? I’d like to remove it and CAD up a better air assist nozzle.

I was able to make a new air assist nozzle for the 10W. It uses a venturi to blow the air straight down the laser beam. It’s working better than the ones that blow at an angle across the work surface. Overall it adds 5mm to the end of the barrel. The notch on the side is so that the addition doesn’t impede the laser height functionality.

But doesn’t it impede the cooling air being passed through from the top vent?