40W Laser Air Assist Doesn't Turn Off?

I just got my 40W laser module for my Snapmaker 2 A250T and made my first test engrave/cut of the wooden ruler sample project . It worked great, and I thought that setting the origin and thickness of the workpiece was actually easier than for the 10W laser. But one thing was weird - when the project was complete, the laser turned off, and the machine went to the home position, the air assist pump didn’t turn off. I looked all over in the controller for a software switch to turn if off, like for the enclosure fan, but I couldn’t find it if there is one. Is there such a switch somewhere? If not, I really think one should be added, @Snapmaker-Support. Also, I think the air assist pump should just turn off automatically at the end of the job or shortly after.

Are you shure that is the air assist and not the fan of the laser? The Laserfan if my 40W Laser runs a few minutes after he finished the laser work.

You’re right. It is the fan of the laser. After working with the 40W laser more, I see that there is an option to turn the air assist on or off in the profile settings for engraving and cutting the different materials I assumed (incorrectly, it seems) that the air assist always was used with the laser. After a few minutes, the fan does turn off, as you said.