Laser cutting 3mm MDF with Artisan with 10W laser

When I want to cut through 3mm MDF, I use the preset made for that. (1 pass)


Somehow, it’s not cutting through.

In a previous project, I simply made 2 pass. That worked, but damaged the bed a bit.

Now on today’s project, two pass did not work on the same material, I simply ran the same project on top again.

Any ideas or suggestion on the good parameters for 3mm MDF.

I have tried to slow down a bit, but it burns larger lines, which is no good.



MDF is no homogeneous material. (Like all wood stuff). With different kind of fibres you sometimes have more density.
You can try to install an air assist or do two fast passes which will do a cleaner cut then one slow run.

Thanks for participating!

Can you define “air assist” ?

I’m using the fan + another one outside the printer to push the fumes outside.

I have tried two pass, sometimes works, on the same board. Sometimes 3 is needed.


You can use a strong fan to blow the smoke away. Or you can use a compressor.
Have a Look for this thread. There you can also see examples.

Without smoke you will have clearer cuts.

After many tests, I did found 3 settings that can cut through.

I played with speed, passes and Z steps per pass (depth)

There maybe many more combinations that works. For my work, I will use this one:

Hope this help others

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I had some issues even at 180 mm/s. I did a trial at 170 mm/s and it’s better.

Next, I would love to use the blowing of air on the laser to reduce the amount of burnt material.

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Can you let us know if air assist worked with you? And what compressor and any mod tools did you use?

Did not try it yet. Will report if/when I do

Some good designs and pumps links.