Z-offset not being saved - Snapmaker 2.0 A250

After performing the latest firmware update I noticed that the touchscreen is no longer saving any manual Z-offset settings that I enter prior to starting a print. If I enter -0.05, then tap on Nozzle temp and come right back to the Z-offset setting it’s reset to 0. Is this, in fact, a firmware glitch or a user error? Is this a known recent issue?

I have no such a problem. Normal it takes a few moves to get active and then the offset should be permanent.

A factory reset M502 could be a solution, be sure to record any special settings before.
You will have to level your bed afterwards.

Not familiar with M502. How would I perform that?

Connect your machine to a terminal, for example with a serial or wifi connection in Luban and enter M502 in the console of Luban.
After processing the M502 your machine settings should be set to factory default settings.

Not clear why but it helped at weird machine problems.

Gave it a try but the touchscreen is still not saving the z-offset setting I enter.