Add on a high powe laser head?

I am recently trying to cut some 5/32’’ (4.5 mm) maple plywood with the laser head. I have tried various configurations but the best result was cut through about 3.8 mm, and it took nearly 10 hours.
Since there is no clear information about the 10W/7W native laser module recently, I start to think about whether it is possible to add a high-power laser module to the existing SM2.
My idea is to purchase a 40w/80w fixed-focus diode laser module (I saw some on Aliexpress, they seem pretty small and come with a driver and power supply). 3D print a bracket to hang it on the existing SM2 laser head. Turn down the SM2 laser power and manually, turn on the additional laser module while cutting.
I have seen some people talk about high-power lasers on SM2 but I can’t find an existing bracket design. This makes me suspect that there may be some stupid mistakes in my assumption that will lead to serious accidents, but I am not sure what it is.
I’m not sure if this kind of add-on is theoretically possible, I would be very grateful if anyone can give me some advice.
If I am talking stupid and offends you, I am very sorry. I did not have any experience with laser cutting before SM2.

10w is coming out November19


Sure it’s theoretically possible. The controller sends out PWM (modulated power signal) and enable commands, it would probably be best to intercept those and run them through a new middleware controller to control the new laser (pretty much exactly like is done now on the toolhead)

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This is very exciting, I think I need to reconsider whether I need a laser with more than 10W.

Thank you for your suggestion, but unfortunately, I don’t have a background in electronics, I will look forward to someone who can share the definition of SM2 cable pins. I will probably fix the purchased Laser module directly on the mounting plate of the X axis, while maintaining the connection between the SM2 laser module and the machine. Although I will lose the camera capture function, it is easier for me lol.