About the naming of Luban

Since I am an ethical Chinese living in Hong Kong, I just wonder the originate of the name Luban, could anyone tell the myth?
In ancient Chinese 2500 years ago, there was a real man, 魯班, translated officially in Hong Kong as “Lo Pan” and named unofficially “Lu Ban” in wikipedia. He was a great carpenter who invented so much techniques:

I am not going to introduce him in deep, I just curious if the software bundled with SM named as the mighty Master Lu/Lo.
I was amazed by the name when I first search for the software after I placed an order of SM, but I was too busy to talk about gossips. Now I am a littlebit ease and I could raise such a question.

I believe that is the name origin, yes. It was mentioned briefly on this board a very long time ago.

Wow that’s it.
No wonder I am no idea from the seacrh result of “Luban” here.