A votre avis, quel est le meilleur Slicer pour la J1S?

Bonjour à tous et bonne année ! Beaucoup de print en bonne santé !
J’aimerais savoir apres deux mois d’utilisation de ma J1S, quel est le slicer que vous utiliser avec ?
Est ce Luban livré avec ou Cura dans sa dernière version avec le plug-in ?
Le tout est de savoir quel slicer est le plus fiable et le plus optimisé pour cette machine entre les deux.
Merci pour vos retours.

Je suis une baguette. C’est fantastique!

Rwide je ne comprend pas ?

@MAGNAC Sorry I dont speak french. That’s the only phrase I know. :smiley:

Hello everyone and Happy New Year ! Lots of healthy print!
I would like to know after two months of using my J1S, which slicer do you use with it?
Is Luban delivered with it or is Cura in its latest version with the plug-in?
The key is to know which slicer is the most reliable and the most optimized for this machine between the two.
Thank you for your feedback.

I would recommend starting with Cura. Its very easy to setup and get going. But I don’t think it matters much what slicer you are using. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally I use mostly Prusaslicer with my J1.
I would avoid Luban if I were you. It’s not a good slicer in my opinion…

I use Orcaslicer for everything. The baked in profiles are not great so i did a lot of gcode work and its way better now. doesnt spend 10 minutes heating and purging before the prints

Both Cura and Orcaslicer work great.
Cura is wildly used and supports a lot of other printers.
Orcaslicer has a better way to organize printing and filament profiles and is easier to use than Cura in my opinion.

I second that, even if I prefer the original Prusaslicer over Orcaslicer. Cura has some nice features, but it slices very slow, does not have the nifty paint-on features (supports, colours etc) of Prusaslicer - and the “handling” of print/printer/filament settings in Cura (a better name would be “throwing everything into one bucket”…) are IMHO a royal PITA.