A Few suggestions for up coming updates

I have been running a few calibration prints to test the machine out an one thing I have noticed is that it can be very difficult to check the model over for fine detail in Luban with a black base as the only option. For example I ran the All-in-one test print and with in Luban you could not make out the text with it being black on black. Similarly trying to run the Vase print for the A150 it was hard to tell that Luban sees it as a solid not as a vase. It would be nice to have the ability to change the color of the render. Also for the laser it would be nice to have a cut vs engrave setting so that you don’t accidental cut a project. Lastly a crash report option or bug report would be nice. As I have yet to find a way to send a partial crash I had the other day well running a long print.

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You can check your file in 3D Printing G-code generator before loading it to Workspace. It’d be best if you could provide us with a file that that help describe your issue and I can let our software engineers have a look at it.

Here are three shots of the vase sample that comes with Luban software, it slices up showing a shell but when printed it had fill up to where the print was stopped ![IMG_9974|375x500]

slice of previous post

second angle

text hard to read in render would be nice to have color options

Thanks for the example. I will forward your request to our team :+1: