40w S2 Laser cross hair and laser cut spot

I have a question, is the laser cross hair to mark the same spot the laser cuts? My own is off.
If that is the case I can’t mark the Spot the laser will cut,
My cross hair marks on the left but the laser cuts on the Right. Should I change any settings and how?

Can someone help on how to align the crosshair to the cutting spot. My own reads X -22.2 & Y -0.601

the dot is the crosshair and the square is where the laser cuts.

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I started a support ticket. I waited 6 months and cannot do the simplest things.

The cross hairs are not centered to the work origin.
Work origin cannot be saved when changed on the machine or the luban software.
Checked forum and found unanswered posts

Also import work incorrectly, scaled to CM not MM.

I started to use Lightburn and learned more from searching their forum.
My cross-hair reads X -22.2 & Y -0.601 on the controller,
so in Lightburn, I put those numbers in the setting. I have not checked if it works yet but the funny thing is I start Snapmaker, run Luban to turn on the crosshair then log out. Then I log in to Lightburn to keep the cross-hair on while I work.


I think my white space should be like 9000.

Update, I made a macro called,
M2002 T3 P1

the first one will stop hangups and go home and the second line turns the cross-hair on.
Macro 2 is M2002 T3 P0 - cross-hair off.
I am using a S2 350 with 40W (Enclosure door turned off for Lightburn)

I do not use Lightburn, but was having a cross hairs issue with the latest version of LUBAN. Cross hairs are new to LUBAN and with this and several other issues I rolled back to the previous version. I still think there is an issue with the firmware. BTW, Although I do not proport to be a specialist in this product I am a certified technician and di quite a bit of troubleshooting.

Just letting you know, even though you have a fix it might change with an update


How do you turn off the door alarm please?