>3mm Holes - Bad finish - Looks like Squares

Hello everyone,
I create holes using the G-code:
“G2 I0 J-1”

Does anyone have any clue what to do in this situation?

Was your workpiece secure and/or did it bend?
And I’m sure your gcode file was more than just that single command? (what speeds & other settings?)

I guess G2 and G3 are not supported yet.
Have a look at this:
Snapmaker Marlin "G3"? - #2 by ElloryJaye

What I read here, the post processor for fusion360 makes little linear moves instead of cutting the hole with

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(Just to make it clear - Larger holes gets much better result and works great)

Thx for the thread!

"Fusion 360 post-processor breaks the arcs into linear moves G1"
So Fusion can prob. help me with this problem. I’ll give it a try i guess! :slight_smile:

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