3d printing surface over support problem

what are the parameters i can change to get a better result for the surface where support is needed?
Have added two pics, one is the downside with support, looks not nice, the round shape is not round…
And one pic from the top side…
Which parameters are the “interessting” ones to look at?

Part is 70mm, so radius is 35mm.

Software is Cura 4.8.0


In the second picture, the part on the left was printed with supports, and the part on the right was printed without supports? If so, I’m surprised that the supports changed the shape of the object. What does that area look like when you move through the layer slider? Are the layers in Cura maintaining the correct shape, but the printer is not?

It’s a little hard to tell from the picture, but I suspect you could print without needing supports if you had a different side of the print on the base. Although that can get into directional strength issues, depending on how you plan to use the part. If you link or upload the model, I can mess around with it a bit.

no the second Pic shows two items, the same object.
There is a longer end, and a shorter, but both with the same radius.
It looks a bit as the support is in the way of the printer…
So the round shape is not correct printed…UMS5_Holder V6_sizeup3.stl (2.1 MB)

The problem is, that this object is needed in a quantity, in not enought time to do it allone, so my brother asked me if i could help.
I was only using the laser befor ;-))
And it is running on different printers, and the others have no problem with the supported curve…


Have you tried a different support type? Cross and grid look like they’d be better for this than lines, for example. You could also try tweaking the Support Z Distance and Support X/Y distance. Those are generally about making sure the supports release.

For quick testing, you could scale the object down by 50%, and watch the first ~30 layers print. You should be able to see the cross section.

Because you mention speed, I guessing you’re printing a 0.2mm layer? Check your overhang angle too. I can reliably print with a 60º overhang angle at 0.1mm layer height, but only 50º with a 0.2mm layer height.


thanks for the input.
Was helping a friend last weekend with a long distance moving, and the printer quitted a job in line…
But my brother found enought other printers, to help him out…
This week was a bit stressy, first time since weeks…
Will try that in the next time with some testing.