3D printing custom colors

Hi guys,

just stumbled across this video and wanted to share it:

I think the results are quite nice, especially when using just a single color the print looks really good.

What do you think?


I printed the 3 marker version, and used it a few times. It worked on both clear and white filament. I did notice a difference in color saturation between using 1 and 3 of the same color marker.

I left it attached for a while, and found it caused filament that was starting to get brittle to break off more often. The Original can be a pain to reload when the filament breaks flush with the top of the print head.

It’s no replacement for colored filament. But I do think I’ll use it again.

Yes, it really does work. I have made several color swatches with the “recipe” attached so I can duplicate the unique colors I created. I also designed an adapter for the SM2 that holds Devin’s blender to the top of the SM2 print head. You can find it here Search Thingiverse - Thingiverse. One warning: If you have an enclosure, the top of the pens while in the blender holder will CRASH into the top of the enclosure when the print head goes to the top of the Z towers. So be sure to remove the pens from the holder immediately after your print is complete!