3D Printer Homing / Leveling Issue Right out of Box

I am having trouble Leveling the 3D printer. When I home it, it drops way off the Heated Bed - below the level of the bed even, down and to the left. I have tried setting the work origin in the middle of the bed using Luban, but home just sent it right back there. I have checked all the wires.

When I then try to level, it moves to a point just to the left of the top edge, and does the same thing at point 4. Points 2 and 3 are vaguely in the right spot - they are at least on the bed. It seems to possibly think that the bed is bigger than it is? Is there some way to get it to understand where home really is?

I can’t quite make out the Y axis mounting screws in your last picture. Double check that you installed the Y axis in the correct location on the Z axis. The Z axis extension video shows you how it should be mounted. At time 1min 24seconds (set in the link above), note the which holes the screws go in. Putting the screws in the wrong hole will cause a ~8mm offset.

The nozzle will drop below the build plate when it’s homing. This is normal, it’s making sure it hits the limit switch when it’s supposed to. It should move up above the bed when calibrating or to first layer printing position when it starts printing.


Good answer! I found the bed levelling process to be painless and super fast. I can see how misplacing a screw can stop things working as a expected. I helps to remember that it is not the bed that is being levelled but the nozzle placement that is being adjusted for each corner… presumably so that the filament is laid down evenly and square.


Rookie move. Major rookie move. I got so focused on the wires and the mounting on the z-axis - the screws were in the wrong spot on the y-axis. Moved it over one notch and it leveled like a dream and is printing beautifully - thank you so much!