3D printer filament censor

Has anyone thought I about making something that senses when the printer runs out of filament and have the printer pause? I know it comes on some printers but can we do it with the snapmaker.

Of yourse co can do that with an external controller.
I use a kitchen scale and test if there is enough filament for the print.

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if you have the enclosure you can wire in a series switch to the door switch and have it under the incoming filament. When it runs out it opens the switch like opening the door. I’m working on an attachment for my filament guide system to have a sensor on it and then try to work it into the switch on the doors… (I don’t use the door switches so I’m wiring that port to the filament sensor.

The door switch has no effect in 3D Print mode, the function was designed for the Laser engraving mode.