3D Print Problem Question

Hey everyone, I’ve been a 3D printer for many years but I have an issue I can’t figure out. Please see the image below. Notice the “ghosting” of the window on the right. I’ve tried with different slicers but still get it, so something isn’t right with my printer and I don’t know what.

It only happens on the Y axis. My previous printers were belt driven so I’d guess belt tension issues or something related. Any ideas would be mostly appreciated.

This is called “ringing”. Google will help once you know what to google.

Thanks for the pointer. The solution to ringing is to slow down or find a source of vibration.

My printer is on a work table, inside the enclosure. That leaves print speeds, which I thought were already set conservatively…but I’ll reduce them and see if it reduces.

Oh, and i should have said. I’ve tried a few different slicers and profiles. For these runs to eliminate the ringing I’m trying out Ideamaker. I quite like it so far. I haven’t used it enough to know the strengths/weaknesses yet though.

I’ve heard about 3 ways to avoid ringing: you can tighten your printer’s belts, printing on a solid and steady base and (yeah) lowering print speed

These machines are jerk limited by way of the junction deviation algorithm and acceleration limited - if there is unacceptably high ringing the first thing to do is run the acceleration and junction deviation calibration from here: https://teachingtechyt.github.io/calibration.html#accel.

Personally I found the factory acceleration settings just slightly too aggressive for my liking and I dropped it by 250, from 1000 down to 750. It increases print time slightly as it ensures the machine takes sharp corners slower to give slightly higher quality results.

I tried several values of junction deviation and found it made not much change so I left it at the default of 0.02.