3D Print load/unload filament on paused state

Hi guys,
I’ve just opened an issue on GitHub asking for a new feature that could let us change the filament color manually just pausing the job from the touch screen:

What do you think?

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I was able to use pause to load a new spool of filament, no problem. After the new roll was loaded, I selected Resume and the print carried on where I had paused it. Should work for a different color…

The problem isn’t the pausing. It’s the resuming.
There is already a command you can put in your g-code to pause prints that works.
However there isn’t a way to then resume. They need to add a ‘resume button’ to the touchscreen that can be activated after the pause.


How did you purge the old and prime the new filament?

Before locking the door, I pushed filament through the nozzle, so it streamed out. If I had changed colors, I would push until the new color was coming out.

For SDJ544’s comment, I used the Pause button on the controller, not a g-code command. When you press Pause, the Resume button is present on the screen, allowing you to continue.

Which is fine if you babysit your print.
And if you successfully guess the right point to change the color.
What would be useful is a way to be able to pause and change filament at specific points.


Thanks for comments.
Of course adding the feature on the gcode file will be the best but I think also the manual operation using the touch screen will be ok.
I know with the manual operation we’ll have to “babysit” the print but I think it could be very easy for the developer to add the “load/unload” while in paused so… better than nothing! :slight_smile:

Hope someone of the developer will respond

I just ran a test with the G code pause command generated by PrusaSlicer - the printer treated it like it was out of filament which allowed me to unload and then load a new color. It then resumed right where it had left off. Sorry if this was already known by the community - I didn’t see it in any posts.

This functionality was added in a firmware update since this thread was last updated. It is good to hear that it works as expected so thanks for your input.