3.15.1 Luban x32 bit Has No way to load an STL for 3d printing?

So many of the icons I am used to are missing and now I don’t even know how to load simply load an STL anymore. I’ve done probably 8 prints before this, but I can’t figure out for the life of me how to load an STL in this latest version. In the “File” box it has “Open”, “New”, or “Save” all of which are new to me and don’t seem like the pathway to loading it either. What am I missing? Thanks

Pretty sure this is what the issue is.

I assume you’ve tried quitting and re-opening?

What about ‘load’ or ‘force reload’ under the ‘view’ menu?


Also make sure the printhead is properly plugged in, maybe try turning the snapmaker off and back on again, and make sure luban is connected to the printer.

I have 2 different laptops with Luban on it. The first is the one I’ve been using till now that runs on a x64 bit operating system. The second laptop is running on a 32x bit OS. That is the only difference between the two. My x64 laptop has the 3D printing icon where you can add in stl files. My x32 laptop does not have the 3D printing icon. All I can figure out is that I will continue to use my x64 bit OS. Just seems like the x32 bit should be updated.

What happens if you try “view in browser”
All my macs are 64 so can’t help you with that part.


Sorry for the problem you ran into.

Snapmaker Luban x32 bits versions do not have the 3D printing section, which has been a known issue for a long time. After consult our software developers, they said there was no plan to fix it due to some technical problems.

You can report this issue on the GitHub page.


@Mox0716 You could try using an earlier version of Luban.
While there have been some improvements to 3D, most of the changes have been for CNC and laser. 3.8 still seems to be one of the best builds. (They all have some bugs)
Or I would suggest using trying Cura or Prusaslicer instead of Luban.
Assuming that those are okay with 32bit. You’re probably going to want to switch to one of those eventually anyway.

BTW, you want to use the ‘add’ icon in the workspace window or just drag and drop. The options under the file menu are for Luban settings.

Please try SnapmakerJS V2.5.x and you download the file in this page.