20W laser Interrupts work during cutting

I have been working with my SM 2.0 for years.
Now I have received the 20W laser module and put it into operation.
My problem is: When cutting, the module goes into pause mode after a short time,
If I click on Continue, the module continues working for approx. 2 seconds and then goes back into pause mode.
What is going wrong here?
This problem does not occur when engraving.

I believe it is the flame detection. I assume you are working with wood? There is no message displayed but, for me, it is occurring when I’m seeing ‘extreme’ smoking and charring when doing wood. I’ve sent SM support the question but they sent it to the programmers as a request, semi-acknowledging that it is a flame detection. Under the settings for the laser, you can supposedly turn down the sensitivity, but I didn’t see much difference and I didn’t want to turn it off since it is a safety feature.

Thank you very much
I have noticed that this does not happen with plywood but with MDF. However, I cannot find any settings for MDF in Luban

I’m still trying to get correct parameters for my stuff. The inherent settings in Luban are just suggestions.
You are aware of this site?

I’m moving up from the 1.6W laser to the 20W laser and there is a sharp learning curve for me. I am noticing that there is big differences in how the laser cuts based on the material. Basswood is great. Real woods, walnut, cherry, pecan, have all so far behaved fairly well. Plywoods have been all over the place, depending on the number and thickness of the plys. I’m pretty sure it is the various glues being used. I’m working with plys between 3 and 6 mm, and I’m getting flame detection at 200 mm/min often, sometimes with the grain, some times across the grain, but not both, on the same wood. For the 6 mm, the Luban default is supposed to be 120 mm/min. Not for my plywoods; way too slow and sets off the flame detection and really cooks the underside.

I can only imagine MDF being a real pain, especially since there is even more variations in MDF manufacturing. Snapmaker didn’t put out any parameters for MDF, probably because it is a problem. You will just have to play with it and find the right settings for your material.

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Thank you very much
I thought that when Snapmaker mentions all these materials that it would also provide roughly appropriate settings.
In previous versions of Luban there were more materials listed.
Now I guess I will have to feel my way around.
Let’s take up the challenge!