200mW lasermodule is recogised as a 1600mW module

I have Snamaker original with firmware 2.11 and Luban 4.40 but the softwarew recognize the laser module as 1.6 W module even vif I had the 200mW version . How can this hardware be fixed or should I just select that I have 1.6 W even if I had only the 0.2 W module

Best Regards Lars

Anybody please at Snapmaker service and support can react on this !


I’m having the same exact issue. Anyone find a solution? I tried using it with those parameters, but it does not work. And now the laser won’t even turn on so I can adjust it. It just runs with no laser. :frowning:

Hi Sara
I was able to run the 200mW laser but set up as a 1600mW laser for the sapmaker original , so it still works . So your system do not even start ignition the laser ?!


Yeah. It was running the laser as 1600mw, but after the first time it ran through (and didn’t make any marks on the wood), it stopped turning the laser on. It acts as if the laser is on, but there is nothing happening.

Have you use your laser a lot before , my waas brand new (I bought a complete kit that was not open recxently )

Hi, I’m having the same issue. Laser is recognized as 1.6W and can’t select 200mW. The laser can burn when configuring (setting the power to 100% & manually moving around). However can’t get to burn image.

How can you configure manually to 200mW so that it will burn image.

Thanks in advance

Just wondering how you manually configured to 200mW from 1.6W. TIA

As I recall , I have no problem to at least use the built in support and wrote a name template and laserburn it