1200mm wingspan De Havilland mosquito

Biggest print I’ve ever tried to make to date…might fly, might not, we’ll see, although I will be building it for flying.

So far I’ve got the fuselage mostly printed in PLA, next up wings and motor pods in ABS

Google Photos

As for the STL, there is a 600mm wingspan version of this on Thingiverse (it doesn’t fly well), but I’ve scaled it up and had to redo the servo areas, I’ll upload them to Thingiverse/Cults3D when I get the design done.


That is great… thanks for sharing

Keep having fun

If you do make it fly, I think I just found another great share for the next update or newsletter. xD

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If you don’t mind, share with us the steps you took to print this, how you designed and assembled it, etc…

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Design is one from Thingiverse that I scaled up larger, only had to slice two parts cause they were just a bit too big for the A350. Most parts are done with 0 infill as the design has internal structures built in. The body is PLA but I have another printer doing the wings in ABS, quicker to have two large printers going at it. As for attaching the parts, PLA is crazy glue and the ABS will be acetone, post processing will include smoothing of the ABS parts in a vapor bath to seal the layers better, both the ABS and PLA parts will go through painting. There are spars in the wings that will be carbon tubes to make them stronger. I have a few things that I still need to figure out, mainly the engines since the plane was scaled up I’m not certain what motors I’m going to use for the propellers.

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This is great and thanks for the detailed steps. If you do make it fly, make sure you test it in an enclosed enviorment or else it might fly away :grinning:

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