10w laser supply cord

I purchased the 10w laser in September I accidentally damaged the cord that came with it. I bought another tool head cord but it doesn’t fit the laser head. I contacted support and explained I needed the cord that came with the laser not the new cord that is supposed to fit all tool heads. I just received the supply cord that was shipped to me and it is the cord I already purchased that does not fit my 10w laser. Can someone please help with this issue

AFAIK the 10W laser uses the same toolhead cable as the other modules. In what way does it not fit? Are you sure you have the orientation of the cable correct? The cable plugs into the 10W laser module flipped by 180 degrees compared to the other modules.

I removed the casing from around the plugs and the cable fit 180% but now I get an error saying my machine is not responding.

The cord only fits one way and I can’t get it down even holding the lock side closed

Hi suzanne, our support colleague is following up on this and will contact you asap :wink: