10W Laser Camera not seen

The Capacitor on my 3D print module blew the other day.
I plugged in the 10W laser module, the software (UI) sees the module but not the camera.

Couple of questions sorry.

Any ideas of what else may have happened for the UI not being able to see camera?

Is there anything in the main serial control box that could have been damaged?

Usually when something blows on a head it’s because the toolhead cable was plugged in backwards. (Yes it has the clip on it that’s supposed to prevent it but it doesn’t and the plug is stupidly designed so it’s reversible.). Sometimes it happens because of not powering down. (Unfortunately the lighting for the SM enclosure goes off which makes it hard to see what you’re doing)
Most people luck out and only the printhead is fried, but occasionally the controller dies.

I assume the 10w still can only see the camera over wifi (like the 1.6 had to). Are you trying to use usb.
Does the 1.6 camera still work? CNC head? If not, it’s the controller.

You’ll have to contact support to order a new controller. They may have some other steps with checking logs to run you through. There have been some reports of dead cameras.

Be careful with the new 10w laser because they decided to reverse the plug so the clip goes the opposite way of the other modules.


Plugged in the 1.6w laser, powered on power supply, laser comes on as soon as it boots up. So think control board must be knackered too. Not a very good safety mechanism design.

Did they do this to the new printhead too? I thought it was just the 10W laser.

Sorry. Meant the new laser.
Fixed my post.


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Over wifi. But the snapmaker 2.0 has always operated isolated - no connectivity and power supply on trip switch socket, the plug does only have one direction and just out of curiosity while powered off, I did try the other way.

You can push it a little way in and probably enough to cause damage. Don’t think I plugged it wrong way, but cant say 100%, because I unplugged everything as soon as I see it happen.

Looks like the controller has been effected by that 35V 220uf capacitor blowing.