10W Laser Module Quick-Swap Plate and Calibration Target Model for Snapmaker Ray

Hello Makers!

We’ve received user feedback expressing the desire to use the 10W laser module with Snapmaker Ray. However, currently, there’s no corresponding quick-swap plate available to attach the toolhead bracket on Ray. Additionally, some users provided feedback about losing their calibration target and being unable to recover it.

To address this, our Product Team has designed a printable quick-swap plate that will assist you in integrating the 10W laser module with Ray. We have also designed a printable calibration target for users who have lost theirs.

Feel free to download the STL file, print it out, and follow the installation video to install it onto your toolhead bracket. Please note that two M4x8 screws are required for installation, and users need to prepare screws in advance.

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STL File Downloading

10W Laser Module Quick-Swap Plate Model for Snapmaker Ray.STL (37.8 KB)

Calibration Target Model for Snapmaker Ray.STL (74.1 KB)

Installation Video


Has anyone connected up their 10W laser module to the Ray system ? It is something I am seriously considering as I am not getting the results I require from the 40W unit.

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I would like to know this, too. My results (so far) with the 40W are also not that satisfying like I had on the 2.0 with 10W.
The only thing we got so far is a manual how to install the module on the Ray. So maybe someone has done some testing etc.

is there a certain reason, why the calibration target model is 80x80 mm while the original calibration target is 60x60? Are there different cal. plates? And I don’t understand “for users who have lost theirs” - did I miss something? How am I supposed to use the model with a lost cal. target?

Maybe I just misunderstood or so, any clarification would be appreciated.

is there anybody who can tell?

Hi @Mortisaga

Sorry for the late reply.

When using the 10W laser:

  • For use on the 2.0, the Calibration Target is 60 * 60 * 2mm.
  • For use on the Ray, the Calibration Target is 80 * 80 * 10mm.

If 2.0 10W users need to use the 10W laser on the Ray, they need to print a Calibration Target provided above and use it as a focusing board.


Hi @Zoe
I am still confused… I put the 60x60 target on the 80x80 printout? Why?? Or was there a 80x80 target that should have come with the Ray?

Hi @Mortisaga

Since Ray comes standard with the 20W/40W modules, you don’t need to use a calibration target when using them. Therefore, the Ray’s materials list does not include a calibration target.

If you want to use the 10W module on Ray, you will need a calibration target. Please print the STL calibration target mentioned above. (80 * 80 * 10mm)

Hi, I got this so far… I printed the model and my question is, how to use this… in the video as well as in the picture is a metal plate (looking like the 60x60 target of the 10W for SM2) put on top of the printout. According to your answer there is no 80x80 target that came with the Ray. So far, so good… I understood how to calibrate my 40W and I know, that there is no target needed.

I just reply to the first post with the pictures and all …
“We have also designed a printable calibration target for users who have lost theirs” This is the part I do not get.
Picture 1 and 3: you can see a printout in white AND a metal plate that fits perfectly in the 80x80 printout… what is it? and how do I get it in case I lost my original target (which is way too small anyways) - sorry if I ask the same question again and again, but I am more and more confused by the answers. The printout is only on the borders 10mm, the mid part is 1mm lower.
Maybe you can make a short video where only the parts given (printout) is used how it is supposed to…