5W Laser Module

Hi! I Love my A350, use the laser a ton, and love my rotary module for use with it.

A 5W laser module for the Snapmaker 2 would be a great improvement.

I do understand the safety concerns with going up in laser power, but it seems like it would be pretty trivial to make the 5W laser operation conditional on there being an enclosure present.



In absence of a 5w module it would be awesome if there were a fairly simple path to integrate a laser module of your own choosing. one like this for example.

There was already a quite long discussion on this topic and a more powerful laser module is at least still planned. See also:

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Snapmaker has hinted it’s going to actually be a 10w.

they have said 7, 8 and 10. im not sure they actually know what they are making yet.

True, the mention of 10 wasn’t even a month ago so who knows

All of those numbers sound great, as it currently takes 40+hours to engrave a yeti tumbler all the way around. I’ll take any of the above, and will buy whatever color safety goggles needed :slight_smile:

They should just hire Styropyro to make a more powerful laser.

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Yes, I would also be very interested in a higher power laser to cut easily and with more depth. For example I was even looking to buy this model Sculpfun s9 with 9 W of power

You should wait a few days. Snapmaker announced his 10W laser for november some days ago

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Yes !! https://twitter.com/snapmaker/status/1454817938662436874?s=20

I hope to finally be able to laser engrave rubber stamps.