10W laser is shipping!

Tracking says mine is 16 miles away now. :slight_smile:

Yes, I made several stamps using the standard 1600mW laser. I can’t remember the settings, sorry, it was over 12 months ago.

Ordered: 19.11.2021
Shipped: 31.01.2022 (TSUEN WAN, 230, HK, Hong Kong) (FEDEX)
Arrived: 03.02.2022 (Switzerland)


I hope I also no longer have to wait too long!?
I bought the Snapmaker A350T with all accessories on 9 January 2022.
Also waiting eagerly for the 10W laser was ordered immediately on 9 January 2022!

Can the plug be inserted backwards still or have they fixed that?
(Is it opposite of the other modules as the promo photos showed?)

Can something be damaged if i try it with the power turned off?

How are you able to insert the connector if the clip doesn’t have a hole to slide into? (I never understood how people managed to do so)

Definitely only with power off! (I should’ve included that warning just to be sure)

Unfortunately the clip is flexible enough that it’s very easy to do. (try it (with your machine off)) When it’s in the enclosure and homed you can’t see the top very well.
It would’ve been so easy to make the plugs non-symetrical so it wasn’t possible, tab or no tab, but they didn’t.

And not sure why they decided to reverse it.

Looks like it hasn’t changed at all. Wonder how many people gonna fry their’s .

If I were you I’d add glue on a little extra material (wood, acrylic, print a block) on the opposite side to prevent it.

Surprised by how big the new module is.

Me too. Perhaps I shouldn’t be, we know they’re combining 2 lasers.

But I guess if the rail attach is the same size, and the laser spot to X distance the same, it doesn’t alter the usable “print” area. It’s a lot more load to move around fast though at least it won’t be going up and down in Z a lot.

I just got mine, laser crashes into the bed, thought they fixed that bug it did it when I first bought it

here’s the code to fix this old bug paraphrased, plz fix asap, also when you do a manual job you have to lower it and touch the surface, that puts unnecessary stress on the machine, normally you would have something DESIGNED to crash without stressing the parts such as an object OTHER than the laser head touch the surface like a pin on a spring or anything flexible this is basic common sense not college engineering

if position < LOWER_LIMIT then STOP THE MOTOR

Just got mine. The plug can definitely be inserted backwards, and it’s opposite all the other toolheads.

I’ve made a simple tutorial here:

@shane0, unfortunately, they don’t know where LOWER_LIMIT is, so your code doesn’t really work. So far today I’ve done 5 manual levels and 10 auto levels, I’ve only managed to get close to jamming the head into the work price once (I jogged a risky 10mm). I get that it’s frustrating, and they definitely could/should have added a limit switch into the toolhead, but they didn’t do that so we’re just going to have to continue being cautious about manually jogging.

That said, the new auto level is freaking great, as long as the thing you’re measuring fits their requirements.

Can a 10W laser module be engraved on stainless steel?
I previously asked support the above question and they replied that it was not possible. Therefore, I did not purchase the module. If it is possible to engrave, I would like to consider purchasing it.
I would like to see the engraved stainless steel plate.

Depends on your definition of engraving.
The 1.6 can mark with marking spray, like Cermark’s or the poor man’s version, Dry Moly Spray lube. I’ve never tried Cermark (way too expensive) to compare, but have been happy with DMSL. Either one permanently marks (turns somewhere between dark grayish to black depending upon the stainless) the material.

I have an Xtool 10w that will mark without using anything but still looks better with a marking spray.

So definitely need to be extra careful plugging it in, especially if your setup makes it so you can’t easily see what you’re doing.

@nivekmai that example code is fine it’s basic boundary value test cases

you mentioned a lower limit switch, for the cost of these I was surprised there wasn’t one, there’s plenty of forum posts with heads crashing it’s a catastrophic bug

they know the position, if you connect luban while it’s running and click workspace you can see the cursor moves displaying the head position in realtime

the camera is definitely improved, I’ve tried to use auto and it failed and sent me to manual

another bug that I hoped would be fixed is when you use the camera the work origin moves from center to bottom left, you have to close and reopen luban to be able to adjust it

also mine’s not plugged in backwards, I got it to work eventually with reboots and resetting work origin several times

I may have misread the text.
Have you ever engraved stainless steel with the SM2 laser module?

According to the snapmaker documentation, the 10W laser should be able to etch stainless. From the bottom of the product page in the specs:

Supported Materials for Engraving :

Pinewood, plywood, beechwood, walnut, bamboo, MDF, painted metal, copper clad laminate, SPTE, stainless steel, anodized aluminum, acrylic, dark glass, slate, brick, ceramic, jade, marble, shale, leather, fabric, canvas, corrugated fiberboard, cardboard

No modifier or anything noted (like anodized aluminum). Had a weather delay, but hopefully mine should be in tomorrow.

EDIT: Nvm, DHL decided to delivery on a Sunday, have laser in hand and will commence tests!

I’ve marked using DMSL. Can’t engrave with either 1.6 or 10w. 10w should be able to mark without anything.