10W Laser engraved drink bottle

Hi guys picture attached I don’t know what I am getting my finished engraving looking like the
Laser is at 100%

10W Laser engraved drink bottle

Are you trying to avoid the bit of texture on the top of the gas mask?

I can’t tell for sure, but it looks like you lightly heated up the steel. Enough to get a bit of color, but not enough to deform.

I doubt you need the whole 10W to etch through that paint. People have been doing similar with the 1.6W module. This takes a bit of experimentation, but try to find the lowest power level that will still work, and see if you’re happier with the results.

thanks for that i will be giving it a another go this evening and will let you know how i went


Im new to the snapmaker community. I have been trying to find out what are Algorithms are when using the laser gray scale. What they are and what they do?

Do you have the rotary module?

Hi yes I have a home made rotory unit


Have you posted somewhere an article about your rotary unit?
I’d love to read about that, maybe imitate.

Yes there is a post by someone else check out diy rotory

What speed did you use? I built the same rotary encoder and used 200mm/sec and 0.1mm line on Stainless steel bottle. Turned out very well.

Frank I think I am using 300 to 400 will check and confirm