Failed yeti engraving

Hi all I have asked this before I used to do a lot of Yeti bottle using my old 1.6w laser and they all came out awesome.
Since I have upgraded to the 10w I can’t seem to get any nice finishes.
Would someone be willing to share their settings wit me I have stuffed up 3 Yeti this weekend and it’s costing me a fortune.

Thinking of changing back to the old laser

Thanks Wayne

Guys I know that there are heaps of you out there doing this successfully please share your tips

I don’t have a 10W laser so I can’t help you with my own experience.
However, there is a similar post on the Facebook Group - see user comments :v:

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@Tomi, don’t assume everyone is on Facebook.


Yip I don’t have Facebook thought that’s why there is a forum
Or at least some support for snapmaker

I guess if you really want to find a solution, you’ll have to make the effort to look on FB rather than just dismissing it. While I don’t use FB, I would at least check it out if I was desperate for a solution.

Any reason you don’t just continue engraving with the 1.6W laser? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it :wink:

I don’t have the SM 10w so I’ve hesitated to respond. I prefer not to share speculation and actual personal experience. But since no-one has really responded, I will.

You didn’t really share what’s wrong with the finish you’re getting.
I assume you’re problem is it’s turning out too dark and not shiny.
My guess is that your power is too high/speed to slow and you’re actually marking the metal. Speed up and/or lower the power.

If it isn’t marking it, then it’s probably leaving residue. Magic eraser or acetone can help clean that off.

Once you’ve messed up one, you’ve got a lot of surface to play around with. You can also usually do a small letter or symbol on the bottom to test that will be fairly inconspicuous.


Thanks for the response yes you’re correct the marking is darker and I can’t get it to shine
I will look and see if I can get a magic marker
Thanks again for the help

Just to make sure we’re clear, not a magic marker:

a magic eraser:


Ha ha cheers for checking

I used one on the weekend

Is this the 10W laser, and if so, what were your settings? Do you think that it turned out good/bad?