10/20/40 Watt Laser Material Settings

I have been looking for a break down of materials and settings for the the different laser modules. Even just basic starting points would be helpful.

They have a ‘guide’ for the 200mw/1.6W and 10W laser. Here’s the 10W one they offer;


Not exactly what you were asking for, but important still: https://cpl.org/wp-content/uploads/NEVER-CUT-THESE-MATERIALS.pdf

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I have seen the one for the 10 Watt before, but had forgotten about it. 40 watt is what I am really looking for. I guess I will just use what Snapmaker’s competitors list on their similar diode lasers and go from there. You would think Snapmaker would be a little more prepared and already have the info out there.

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+1 for me looking for same. (and to keep the thread from auto-archiving)
SnapMaker: Where’s the list? We know it may be “draft” at this time, but something would be appreciated.

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I did find this on the Wiki, but it is a very limited list.


@NoLuck @nweb

Here are some references that I hope will help you.
The Definitive Guide to Laser Engraving and Cutting with the 10W High Power Laser Module. – Snapmaker
Recommended Parameters for Snapmaker 20W and 40W Laser Modules | Snapmaker Wiki

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Just about to try a photo engraving and would have loved some guidance but I’m winging it.
I’m going from 1.6W to 20W and there is a huge learning curve for cutting and simply engraving, not to mention the changes in Luban. I’m also seeing that with the 20W I’m seeing differences between woods that I never ‘noticed’ with the 1.6W module. Different plywoods definitely cut differently with regard to penetration and smoking. Ah, it is a hobby……

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