1.6W Laser Camera Calibration - Crash Into Bed

Looking for some help!

The first thing I did with my new A250 was successfully engrave and cut out a picture. Since then I have done a bunch of 3D printing, all great. Now I am trying to use the laser again and am not able to even get through calibration.

I have a thick piece of material, 46mm. I have entered the material thickness and ran the line test, no problem there. When I go into setting and try to run the camera calibration I have problems.
I remove the material and set up a piece of paper, and hit the start button on the touchscreen. The laser head and bed do the regular movements about the top left home origin, then the head moves down so low that it hits the paper, crumples it up as it moves along the Y axis and got hung up on the bed. I am no longer able to cut the square that you line up on Luban to set up the camera.

Any thoughts on why this would change?

Its always something simple!
I just changed the laser height in settings. I am not sure why it would ever change the laser height to one so low that it hits the bed with no material on it.

What settings and were are they? I don’t see anything that sets the height.
I run camera calibration and module crashes into bed.