Yet another CNC vacuum Shoe

Just finished the first iteration of a dust shoe for the 200w CNC. I still need to make a “waste gate” to hook it up to my Shop Vac.

Some “Features” include a removeable brush assembly which can be bought online and an adjustable depth stop so the shoe will move up as you go deeper with the tool.


Very nice! I love this.

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Looks great! Two questions: 1) are the files available so I can print my own? and 2) Are the rows of holes on the back of the CNC module something you mounted to the module… or are those on the module itself? (I don’t have mine in front of me to check).

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Thanks for the feedback. The Files will be available once it’s finished. Just want to alter the pipe coming from the shoe to stop any possibility of it rotating in the collar. I’ve just finished the blast gate which bolts to the back face of the enclosure for the vac hookup so i’ll also make those available. As for the row of holes, they are on a part on the front of the module and are part of the design. Think of it like an adjustable stop so you can set the shoe to the length of your cutter. If anyone is interested I’ll post a full write up.

Posted a little video on YouTube showing the Dust Shoe working.

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Okay, you made a major mistake… you let me see your control panel! Are you sending g-code to the machine for manual control? (I’m assuming you made that). :open_mouth::grinning: Super interested in THAT project too! I recently did some, what I’ll call, free hand milling of holes in the edge of 1/4" stock. A nice, friendly user interface was what I needed for that!

Hahaha, yes i made it but had lots of help / ideas from various YouTube videos. It connects to the Snapmaker via UART so required some wires to be soldered to the Snapmaker. (Search UART on this forum) The Handwheel can be used to control the Axis as you guessed but it can also be use to automatically set Datums of jobs and Home the machine.

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