200w CNC Dust extraction shoe

Hi all!

Just thought i’d share my take on a CNC Dust extractor shoe for the 200W CNC module.

This one is designed to be printed with as little supports as possible and replaces the bottom plate of your existing 200W CNC module. It also incorporates ventilation for the built-in spindle cooler at both the front and the back. It uses 8x3mm magnets to attach the bottom shoe, which is brush compatible, to the bottom of the baseplate for easy cleanup and removal of clogs (if they should ever occur)

To assemble this, you will need some 3D Heat-Set inserts, bolts, glue and sandpaper (optional) to sand parts smooth. The files also include comprehensive installation instructions which will show you how to put it all together.

I have also included Fusion 360 CAD files for those who wish to make mods to my design. If you do that, DM me with a link to your thingiverse/printables files so I can link them both in updated versions of the instruction manual, as well as on both the thingiverse page, and on my website.

You can download the files here on my Thingiverse page.

Australian Residents: You can find listings for some of the parts I used in my particular build here on my website.


Nicely done.

I prefer this one because it has a detachable brush section held on by magnets.

I did have to increase the diameter of the hole to accommodate the hose on my dust extractor. I simply used Fusion to convert the STL to BRep and then expand the hole.

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I’ve printed this one too !

Very nice! If I ever get a Snapmaker Artisan or other SM model capable of supporting the 200w spindle I’m definitely giving this a try, dust shoes are a must-have for CNC router use.