Wood powder accumulates inside a 10W laser

@snapUser As Blockmodule has said, you seem to be misunderstanding his set-up; his system is blowing extra air DOWN through the laser head, using air from outside the enclosure, augmented by an extra fan (not the blower he is using for the enclosure exhaust). This also doubles as extra air-assist. It is not “pulling up” anything.
@snowman Can you edit previous posts to remove duplicate photos? It adds to the confusion.

@Blockmodule Your adapter for the top of the 10W module seems to be intended to replace the existing cover. What do/did you intend to do with the electronic device (Bluetooth antenna?) attached to the cover?

I’ll say it again, but your interpretation is incorrect. Additionally, I’m not expressing dissatisfaction; rather, I think it would be a good idea to address it since I got the idea. I’m saying something like, “Watch out because others also experience buildup inside.”

Why not try completely disassembling a 10W laser once and understanding how the fan operates and how air flows through the structure?

On Facebook, some people have seen my photos and said, “I’m in the same situation!”

You might want to try cutting about 20 pieces of 5.5mm MDF inside the enclosure.

By the way, I haven’t made an air exhaust hole at the bottom right of the enclosure. If it’s left as default, the exhaust efficiency is poor, so I placed it in the top left.

I’m Japanese, so I’m using ChatGPT to translate into English. It’s possible that the nuances in English might not be getting through to you. Unfortunately.

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Hello Boxkite,

Thank you for following.
I’ve removed the existing plate and attached the top air adapter for the 10W laser by molding it with PLA.

I hardly use Snapmaker Luban because, with every new release, it feels like I’m dealing with a new set of bugs introduced by “Luban.” I don’t trust Luban since it’s unpredictable and brings in new issues with each release.

The reason is that I don’t use Luban is that it’s associated with processing products for sale on Snapmaker, making it an unstable choice with many uncertainties.

Instead, I use LightBurn. I’ve disconnected the cable from the terminal for the electronic device (Bluetooth antenna?), so I’m not using the Bluetooth camera.

I don’t need it, so I’ve removed it along with the top plate.

Although Bluetooth on the touchscreen is set to OFF, it still works fine. Instead, I can align using the combination of LightBurn and the USB camera.

The top cover sends air from outside the enclosure through a pipe, but even with about 60cfm of air, it’s enough for air assist, preventing residue and discoloration from processing. The 10W laser inside is also clean, so please give it a try if you’re interested in the modification.