Why Prime/Wipe Tower always both colors?

Quick question: shouldn’t the tower look like the cone? Why is always printed both Colors. I don’t see any benefits.

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Huh, interesting question… I just wanted to answer by telling you the purpose of the prime tower, but doing so made me understand your question after all… Indeed, one color should be sufficient at a time… Since Luban is based on Cura, I guess it might be worth asking/researching this question in some Cura forum.

I think it is just a prevention that the Prime Tower stays stable and it is some kind of a simplification.
Imagine the Not needed color is just printed when layer need it. The tower will get sometimes wider or smaller and sometimes the stability will be really bad. And stability is really important when nozzle stripes it.
What to do in an example like yours? Should the one color aligned mid? And color should otherwise halved for both as IT IS currently?
Sometimes my cura did not fill the tower in all layers for both colors like you wish it. And this is really annoying. The new color is then printed into air inside tower and it is just a dirty nuisance until the color get the grip and the tower is a print clean again.