Why is my brand new A350 printer garbage?

Alright. Aside from the fact I have NONSTOP filament loading issues, I just attempted to do a SECOND print and it will not let me get past the filament loading screen. But that’s the least of my issues right now. I noticed something odd when sending it to home. One of my Z axis rails didn’t appear to be in sync with the other and is torqueing the pillars as one basically overpowers the other. I confirmed this when I attempted to do bed leveling and noticed only one side moving up and down then when done it bound on the way up and stopped.

This steaming pile of excrement is supposed to have a warranty, how do I contact them?

Support page

That should have all the relevant information, both for contacting them and on what to try for the week it takes to get a response.

I am trying to do a warranty request and it requires me to attach the official purchase invoice. Which, according to them is an invoice that was delivered with the product. It is a piece of A4 paper stuck on the box with the title “Shenzhen Snapmaker Technologies Co., Ltd. Commercial Invoice”.

The problem is there is no such invoice. I still have all the packaging. Nothing was thrown out. I’ve ordered enough stuff from the internet to know better than to throw ANYTHING out until it’s thoroughly tested.
I cannot get past this.

Just use the email support@snapmaker.com, it was at the bottom of the page :slight_smile:

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Done. I’ll be sure to update if and when I get an answer. Freaking $1300 paperweight…

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I got a response from person named Potter. They gave me links to 2 videos showing instructions on how to take the printer head apart and check for a loose micro switch. Mine isn’t loose and there is an audible click when the filament is inserted. Although, I did notice that the curve in the filament as it unwinds does move out of the range of the switch. A slight bend of the switch arm which was done by giving the micro switch arm a slight bend with the tools provided I used the H1.5 underneath and the H2.0 above. See pic.

If it doesn’t click when the filament is inserted, you went too far and it needs a slight bend back. Now the filament clicks the micro switch no matter which way the filament curve goes.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind fixing things, but I shouldn’t have to fix a “brand new” device.


It’s been a week but they finally got back to me. They are sending me another linear rail module. I haven’t received a tracking number yet, according to the email another person is going to do that. No idea when that’ll happen. But I’m happy some progress is occurring.


Congrats, and thanks for posting the update. There was a nasty pause in support while, apparently, all of China went on holiday, so it’s useful for the forum to see that they’re starting to work through the backlog.

Good luck - wishing you many years of happy making with your new z-axis rail. :slight_smile:

Just got an update about my warranty claim with a tracking number. Not sure yet what the eta is but now there’s a bit of a race going on. Do the parts that I ordered to fix the rail I have come in before the replacement rail. Either way, with the potential of having 5 bad rail modules, I’m not going to stop any repair efforts. I’ll be in touch.


Now if he would just get back to me