Why does the left side of this laser engrave look so different from the right?

So the following is the engrave in question. The far far left side is much much darker simply because I stopped the print from my computer, and started it from the USB. But as you should notice, beyond that it looks different until it gets to the people. Other than the far far far left side, this was just 1 pass.

My guess is that the contrast on the orginal picture is too high. Did you try changing the contrast and brightness in the settings?

No. Basically, the first run was right between the left and where it stops getting super super dark on the left. I simply just stopped it from running through my computer, and ran it through my thumbdrive. Like from the building on the left on was a single run. No change in contrast or any other settings.

What I’m wondering is why it looks so different from the building to the people, and thing look different from the people on
Like it is odd. It went from black to brown engraving. And it went from being able to see more than less each dot to it blending in 1 mess

I get what you are saying. I wasn’t talking about your first run. I’ve run into issues like you are having right now but I played with the contrast and brightness settings after the first couple of attempts to get the ideal result. If the original file has a high contrast, the engrave will have both super dark and bright spots, that’s when you change the contrast settings to balance those spots. You can try engraving other pictures with less contrast and they should come out with less color discrepency.