Who is my Snapmaker 2.0 "Talking" To?

I recently enabled some web history monitoring on my network and included my Snapmaker. I was a bit surprised to see it actually communicated outside of my network (but not entirely surprised) although I do not remember mention of this in the guide or anywhere. So this begs the questions:

  1. Who does the Snapmaker contact?
  2. Why is it contacting them?
  3. What information is it sharing/sending/receiving?
  4. Can I disable this communication?

Rules are getting more strict about data sharing, so I wanted to know. I have attached a screenshot of what my monitor caught. I have no real intention of setting up Wireshark to check in detail, but I would like to know in general.


I’m wondering if the google stuff is from the android based touchscreen.
I have not connected my snapmaker2 to a wifi network because I was suspicious of this kind of thing happening / it could have next to no security and could end up with some crazy malware.

I am eagerly awaiting the open sourcing of the firmware.

Google is used by many devices as a way to know “is the Internet up” because if Google is down… most of the Internet is down also (or your network is). That being said, I do not know that is the case here. That is why I want to know about these. I only had 2 devices (the Snapmaker being one of them) that had “odd” sites, but I already got support from the other one with a reasonable explanation AND how to disable it (they were checking two major sites for “Internet up” beyond their own).

I connected it to WiFi so I could try to read the status of it and use it with my home automation. A successful yet total waste of time at this point.

We set up basic Google Analysis usage on Touchscreen. It logs the page you are in and your IP address, which help us to know like: 1) How many users are using Snapmaker recently? Are they matched with the number of machines that we shipped? 2) Which pages are more frequently being used? Are people more attached to 3D printing than the than two?

All data are anonymous, as the TS doesn’t require any login authentication.


Ok, fairly reasonable but might want to have that disclosed somewhere AND a way to disable it if someone wants to.

As for anonymous… that is the fun part of it because it probably has which Snapmaker. If you know which Snapmaker was shipped to who, there is a reasonable expectation that you know who’s Snapmaker it is and therefore their usage.

That being said, that information being collected is in no way personal and as I thought fairly reasonable. It would also be quite interesting if you gave people the option to submit feedback via the touchscreen, bug reports, and requested support. All functions that internet connection could make much easier.


For batch production, to know which SM was shipped to who is too complicated to manage.
Since you bring this up, we are glad to add the options in our future updates.


Probably not a bad idea to put it on the features list. Thanks for letting us know why it does it!


Probably not the best test to see if there is a connection, especially if you expect to sell any devices inside China. Considering Snapmaker have a server, I would expect them to ping / contact their own server.

While I feel this is likely done in good faith, it’s still unnerving and could potentially be violating the GDPR. During the initial setup, the Snapmaker2 should have a simple screen that is totally separate to the Terms of Service / Privacy Policy screen asking for permission to send any data to anyone. The ability to opt out at any time should also be included in the touch screen settings.

I do not see how it could violate GDPR if they are only receiving that information disclosed above.There is no personal information included within it. Not sure how anyone could make the case that how often they use the Snapmaker is personal. Unless it also reports what FILES are being used… So it could be personal information if someone prints… Let’s see about an example… I guess if someone printed “ReallyBigAdultToy.gcode” (no idea if that is a real thing, even so I would not recommend searching on it in Google, you never know) that could lead to some embarrassment.

But, that can also be tied to the following statement. If they have no idea who each Snapmaker belongs to (thus the data is truly anonymized and stays that way) even better,

All that being said, it would make strong sense to have a simple EULA screen that discloses the information with a checkbox at the bottom allowing you to disable sending data back. For existing users an added feature within the settings section to control it.

Our team has learned about this suggestion : ). With that being said, I just want to add that we have no intention of storing your personal information or any of that sort. We respect your privacy and will improve on that with future patches.