Which setting should I change to help with these burn dots?

This is on a snapmaker. I’m new to this, and I keep running into problems figuring out this wood. I’m aiming on figuring out how to do grayscale in 1 pass. For this I had the power at 100%, 6 mm/min dwell time, and 1000 mm/min work speed.
Also, tips on how to do it in 1 run will help. The total time per run is 2 hours and 30 min.

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Which method are you using to send the file to the Snapmaker?

I found that if you are connected via USB cable then you can get these dots. Caused by a busy PC interrupting USB communications if brief hits.

I now copy files to be lasered to a USB stick and run then directly from the Snapmaker…no more interruptions and black spot.

The other possibility is in your image. You will need to view your image and zoom in to see if there are marks on the image. Depending on your PC graphics you may not see the imperfections in normal view.



@crua9, if it is not the connection it could be the resin in the wood causing this effect.

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That is exactly what it was.

IMO what should happen is the entire gcode should load into the machine, and then you can use your computer as a way to remotely monitor and maybe change things mid way. Like I’ve been working on the laser side of things for the past while and I keep running into problems with settings. Plus it’s tells you on the bottom right how much time it thinks you have, where the SM1 doesn’t. It just gives you a % bar.
Oh well

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