Which Cura Plugin to install for J1?

I’m sure I am behind on this topic. My patience and attention span to do proper research as I get older dwindles lol. So I just realized there are three Snapmaker plugins for Cura. Snapmaker J1, Snapmaker, and Snapmaker 2. I have all three installed and keep them updated. Is this a problem? Are all kept up to date or are any obsolete? Will they interfere with one another and cause issues? I also found the Github for the Snapmaker plugin. When updates are submitted to the Github page, are those updates automatically applied to the plugin through cura when the plugin itself is updated? Or do the files need to be downloaded then placed in the proper folders? Also what plugins are you all using in Cura? Any fixes yet for changing color/extruder with scripts?

Same problem here. No one who know seems to care. This isn’t a NOOB issue, as much as poor documentation and customer care. All the pre-sales literature is beautiful and glossy but as soon as you buy it, you realize very little time and effort is put into developing new customers into successful long-term users.

I ran into a curious problem with the Cura plugin for the J1, version 0.92.
I wanted to print a model, using PVA for support. Out of habit, I loaded the support-material to the right extruder, the main material to the left. After slicing, the printer started warming the build plate and the right extruder (not the left) and then did nothing. The problems seems to be that the ‘Start G-Code’ for the printer warms the build plate and the extruder for the first layer and then waits for the -left- extruder to warm. That never happend.
Switching the support material to the left extruder solved the problem for me. But it might be a good idea to change the coding.

Have You checked, what is the max size, what can be sliced for J1? (With cura)