Which 3D printing settings in Luban for hollow object?

I like to print an Exhaust Duct Connector for the other end of the Exhaust Duct.
When viewing the STL file with Winows 3D Builder it looks ok.
After adding it in Luban and generating G-Code it wasn’t hollow. Set filling to 0% it has a bottom and the mounting holes are missing.
Luftschlauchadapter.stl (94.8 KB)

Is there somthing like a Vase Mode in Luban?
Or which settings are needed to print a Vase or another hollow object?

I sliced the STL data with Luban and got the same result as yours.

Vase mode is also a setting in Luban, but it has nothing to do with this problem.

The results are the same in Cura, so I’m wondering if there is a problem with the STL data.

Please review your 3D model.
There is something wrong with the shape, isn’t there?

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body.stl (88.9 KB)

After cutting the funny parts, I was able to slice it and try to modify the 3D model.

The attached STL was modified in Fusion360, so the scale is probably about 10 times larger…

Your body.stl is working in Luban, tank you very much.

The funny thing ist, that the original STL file looks also nice in Luban (see your 2nd picture), but when it is sliced strange things happen with it.